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Where To Find Grocery Coupons & How To Use Them To Save Money

Everybody knows that grocery coupons can be used to make substantial savings on your grocery shopping, but you might not realize just how many places you can find ’em, and how to use them to the best advantage. If you buy groceries which you wouldn’t normally use or don’t even need just because you’ve got a bunch of grocery coupons for them, then that ain’t saving you any money at all, it’s actually making you spend more!

Finding Grocery Coupons

    • Grocery Coupons in Newspapers – especially on Sundays.  This is one of the most popular places to source a large variety of grocery coupons ready for your Monday “big shop”!
    • Grocery Coupons on the Internet – there are some terrific grocery coupon websites with printable coupons, take a look, you’ll be surprised at how many there are. Check out your favorite manufacturers websites too, in case they have any grocery coupons or special offers available.
    • Grocery Coupons in the Mail – that’s right, some grocery coupons pop right into your mail box, especially with stores circulars or maybe promotions by local companies.
    • Grocery Coupons in Magazines – check out your favorite mags for grocery coupons too, especially homemaking or parenting magazines with grocery coupons in the advertisements.
    • Grocery Coupons from Neighbors – why not swap grocery coupons with your neighbors, especially if you or they have babies / young children etc. Grocery coupons are a great way to help with the cost of formula, diapers and other baby stuff.
    • Grocery Coupons Swaps – swapping unwanted grocery coupons with friends is a great idea too, why not enjoy a monthly grocery coupon swapping coffee morning?

How To Use Grocery Coupons Effectively And Save Real Money

I’ve already touched upon this briefly at the top of the page, but let’s take a look at just how you really can save money using grocery coupons, and at the ways that some crafty grocery companies actually encourage you to spend more money instead of making savings. Remember, the aim of grocery coupons is to reduce your weekly grocery expenses.

Some people are definitely better at this than others!

    • Make sure that you use your grocery coupons to buy the stuff which you normally use. If you already know that you need to buy some particular item and you have a grocery coupon with money off for it, then BINGO . . . you’ve cracked it. If, however, you buy something which you don’t normally use or want just because you’ve got a grocery coupon for it, then that isn’t actually saving you any money at all.
    • It’s often worth buying the smallest size of product with your grocery coupon, and buy the larger amounts of stuff when you don’t have a coupon to take advantage of lower per unit prices.
    • Take several coupons for you for different brands of the same grocery product. If you know that you need to buy shampoo and you’re not that fussy about which brand you buy, then take as many shampoo grocery coupons as you have and see which is the best bargain. Being flexible about brands is a must when it comes to saving cash at the grocery store, with or without grocery coupons.
    • Some grocery stores offer double or even triple grocery coupon value, so that’s where the smart cookies use their grocery coupons. Why use a 50 cent grocery coupon and get 50 cents off, when you could get a dollar in another store . . . that’s just stupid! On the other hand, if there’s a great value grocery store in your area which has cheaper prices to start with, it could work out cheaper, let’s say you get 50 cents off $1.50 which is better value than $1 off $2.25. You do the math, it’s not rocket science you know.
    • Organize your grocery coupons and take them all with you to the grocery store. Even if you don’t need to buy toothpaste but notice that there’s a great offer on and you’ve got a toothpaste coupon to boot, you could end up making a substantial saving.

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